General Instructions

    The Exhibitor Brochure is a simple guide that will help every exhibitor with all the necessary information that they will need to get prepared for MEDex 2016.

  • Please read the Exhibitor brochure carefully.
  • Be prepared for the event, by ordering all essential services in advance.
  • The Event Brochure has been supplemented with some vital forms. Please fill in the required forms completely and ensure that it reaches us on or before the deadlines mentioned in the forms.
  • Exhibitors need to fill in the Admit pass completely and hand it over to the MEDex 2016 Office before taking over the booked space.
  • Always carry copies of all completely filled-in forms and payments made to MEDex 2016.
  • The Exhibition hall will be opened to visitors between 1000 and 2100 hours during the exhibition days.
  • The Exhibition hall will be opened for build-up and dismantling purposes from

    1500 to 2100

    hours for the scheduled dates during the build-up and break down points.
  • All exhibitors are permitted to their stalls 30 minutes before exhibition opens and

    30 minutes after

    exhibition closes.
  • Exhibitors are rented out the space allotted to them and will strictly be bound to that space. Any material of the exhibitor if found outside the rented space will be taken into possession by the organizer.
  • Exhibitors are requested to adhere to all rules and guidelines put forth in all materials of MEDex 2016 and indicated from time to time.
  • All exhibitors are expected to carry their badges at all times during the exhibition days.
  • No person present inside the exhibition hall will act or behave in a manner that may cause any harm, injury or damage to other persons / exhibits / exhibition hall property / fixtures.
  • All exhibitors are advised to carry their official letterheads and rubber stamps.
  • All exhibitors are expected to hand over the rented space in good condition, as deemed fit by the organizers.
  • Exhibitors need to fill in the Exit pass completely and hand it over to the MEDex 2016 office before vacating the exhibition hall.
  • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Madurai Zone, reserves the right to remove / amend any clause / policy laid down by MEDex 2016. The decision made by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Madurai Zone, is and will be final.
  • PAYMENTS: All payments are to be made by

    Demand Draft / Cheque in favour of Confederation of Indian Industry ,

    payable at Madurai.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: If due to unavoidable circumstances, the exhibitor wishes to cancel the booking for MEDex 2016, the exhibitor is expected to intimate the cancellation in writing for which the following cancellation charges will be applicable:
    • Prior to 12th August 2016 - 50% of the total booking cost
    • Prior to 25th August 2016 - 75% of the total booking cost
    • Prior to 5th September 2016 - 100% of the total booking cost
  • The venue that comprises of the Exhibition hall and the Conference hall will be secured by the organizers security personnel. However, neither Confederation of Indian Industry


    nor MEDex 2016 will be responsible for the loss or damage of the exhibitor s stall and their exhibits.
Note on security:
  • Although general security is provided, the responsibility of security of the stand display and exhibits rests solely on the exhibitors themselves.
  • The exhibition hall will be closed after exhibition hours on all exhibition days except the last day, and no one will be allowed to remain inside the hall. For stand construction and dismantling dates.
  • On exhibition days, it is mandatory to ensure that at least one representative of each exhibitor reaches the venue one hour before opening time (i.e. at 9.00 a.m.) to take charge of their respective stands.
  • No representatives of exhibitors, on exhibition days, will be allowed inside during, pre and post show timings without the exhibitor badge.
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